Fundação Itaú Social understands that access to quality education depends not only on technical knowledge and methodologies, but also on the involvement of the whole society in this matter. Social mobilization is therefore seen as a way of expressing and putting into practice the transforming energy that drives people to participate in the changes they want to see in the world, going beyond the obligations laid down by their everyday lives.

By counting on the strength of Itaú's main assets - its employees, the broad coverage of its business network and a strong brand – in favor of the cause advocated by Fundação Itaú Social, the department of Social Mobilization aims to involve employees, clients and the society in seeking together effective solutions to social issues, especially those related to the right of children and adolescents to education.

To this end, its choices are formally guided by three core strategies:

  • Sensitization: 
    to develop different actions that awaken people and push them into working for critical causes such as Education, the Rights of Children and Adolescents and Financial Education, for example.
  • Volunteering:
    to stimulate action through volunteering – both through group and structured actions taken by Fundação Itaú Social and through individual and spontaneous actions – thus creating an exchange of experiences and making room for more engagement. To this end, Fundação Itaú Social provides opportunities for engaging in specific actions and in structured and continuous actions.
  • Inclusion of the social dimension in the institutional agenda of relationship with the community:
    to build relationships that go beyond business trade and contribute to the social development of the regions where Itaú is present.