Through the Urban Youth program, Fundação Itaú Social – with technical coordination of the Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Educação, Cultura e Ação Comunitária (Cenpec) - develops, implements and shares methodologies to promote expanded education processes, the creation of opportunities and the professional insertion of young people living in areas of high social vulnerability. The objective is to operate as a network. This is why government authorities, the private sector, local organizations, the people and entities partner to pursue transversality and articulation of public policies in the actions taken. In this sense, the Educação&Participação portal plays a key role in articulating these organizations by promoting the actions of the program in different settings where it is being developed and showing the outcomes of and discussion about the methodology applied.

The program also aims to give autonomy to the participants and, for this reason, it invests in training and empowerment so that the proposed actions continue to be implemented. To that end, young people are encouraged to travel through urban areas to explore spaces and experiment with new forms of expression. At the end of this training circuit, they produce and present their projects.

Methodology of the Urban Youth program

  • Explore // See how it is  
    Expanding the cultural and social repertoire of the young through appropriation of the city and different technologies.
  • Experiment // Learn by doing
    Putting the young in contact with various technologies, languages and professional styles, thus broadening their technological, professional repertoire and engaging them in the process of building a product.
  • Produce // Materialize ideas
    Devising and implementing projects, thus giving the young the opportunity to put knowledge into practice. Promoting an intervention in the community, either in the neighborhood, school or territory.
  • Express // Stamp your own mark 
    Encouraging the young to express themselves by using public meetings, blogs and other communication means.

2015 Scope

  • Work with public policies: Authorities of the municipalities of Praia Grande (SP) and Santos (SP) and the state of Minas Gerais;
  • Laboratory: Sao Paulo (SP);
  • Methodology Transfer: Caçapava (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ)