Fundação Itaú Social strives to advance the delivery of expanded learning to students in public schools. In that way, it aims to contribute to expand repertories, horizons and the students' ability to explore their cities as an educational space where they can develop their skills and creativity. This is so because the institution understands 'extended learning' as the building up of time, space and content dedicated to learning taking place in and out of the school in light of the concept of full development of the human being. Hence, a fundamental condition is to recognize and mobilize knowledge of the school, the family and the community towards quality expanded learning.

By understanding that it is possible to devise and deliver expanded learning in different ways in different school systems, Fundação Itaú Social directs its efforts at two strategic lines: knowledge transfer to and recognition of the civil-society organizations that partner with schools to implement expanded learning and the provision of advisory services for formulating, adopting and monitoring expanded -learning public policies.

These are choices that reflect history and accumulated knowledge. This is not about replicating actions, but rather meeting the needs of various regions, government agencies and civil-society organizations in a structured and qualified manner. With this in mind, Itaú Social has collaborated in developing expanded learning plans in states and municipalities to include the processes of diagnosis, inter-sectoral articulation, curriculum development, knowledge transfer through training sessions, management, monitoring and evaluation of expanded learning policies.